Birthday parties

for children

Your child’s birthday party on the climbing wall is an unforgettable excitement

If your child dreams of an original, special and unique birthday party, organize it on our climbing wall. We guarantee attractions at the highest level!

Trained and experienced in working with children animators will help make this day absolutely unique. During the party, the birthday boy and his guests will be able to climb on specially prepared climbing routes, take part in games, plays or swing on rope swings.

What sets us apart from others is our small groups: the number of instructors is adjusted to the number of children, which, together with the Trublue™ auto-assurance systems present on the wall, ensures a multitude of experiences, lots of climbing and zero boredom!

Birthday groups should have a minimum of 10 children. The minimum age of the birthday boy and his guests is 6-7 years old, although we will easily accept and take care of younger siblings : )

What sets us apart is our great approach to children – we know how to make a birthday party stay in their memory for a long time! We love to organize time for the little ones, and they repay us with joy and smiles on their faces.

Climbing birthday parties organized by us last two hours. This is enough time for the little ones to get infected with the passion for climbing, and at the same time have fun in safe conditions under the supervision of instructors. We will take care of the comprehensive organization of the birthday party, however, it is up to the parents to provide the children with food (drinks, cake, snacks, sweets). We assume that every parent knows best what their child will enjoy.

Our birthday parties are

  • Great fun for kids of all ages
  • An original and exciting event
  • The perfect alternative to a house party!
  • Entertainment for children and relaxation for parents
  • Price: 80 PLN /child

The bundle provides

  • Professional and experienced in working with children staff
  • Essential equipment
  • Invitations and commemorative diplomas for guests
  • A table for children and a separate place for parents and guardians
  • Safety and fun

To sign up, please contact us by email:

[email protected]