We invite entire classes to a unique sports activity!

Classes on the climbing wall are designed to encourage children to participate in physical activity focused on health, recreation and sports, to learn the practical application of safety rules during physical activity, as well as to focus on recognizing their own physical development and fitness, and to practice health-oriented behavior. During climbing, the education of children and adolescents is implemented in four developmental areas: physical, emotional, social and cognitive.



During climbing, Children and Youth perform exercises that increase aerobic endurance and exercises that shape and strengthen postural muscles (back, abdomen) and arm and leg muscles. These exercises also shape motor coordination and sense of balance. During the warm-up and concluding stretching exercises, students perform exercises to strengthen antagonistic muscles, stretching and relaxation, and increase flexibility of the lower back.



Participants learn to control their emotions – fear of heights and space.



A sense of responsibility for the safety of colleagues and the ability to work in a group are being formed.



Students learn about a new sport and learn how to safely use specialized climbing equipment and sports equipment that is new to them. They learn about the specifics of climbing and safety rules during the activity.

Climbing classes are a great alternative to standard physical education lessons. We provide classes for the following stages of education:

  • early childhood education – grades I-III of elementary school
  • elementary school grades IV-VIII
  • high schools

On the climbing wall of the Wroclaw Zerwa Climbing Center, many routes are prepared for people who have never had contact with climbing before. For the duration of the climbing classes we lend the participants the necessary equipment and provide the care of a declared instructor staff.

Physical education classes are conducted in three variants:

  • Climbing workshop – physical activity with a short theoretical introduction on health and safety in the activity – the whole 2 lesson hours (1.5 clock hours).
  • Climbing and nature workshops – 3 lessons or 1.5 hours of physical activities on the climbing wall and 45 minutes of theoretical activities in the form of workshops (quizzes, puns, practical activities).
  • Cyclical physical education classes – classes 1 time per week – 2 lessons (1.5 clock hours) with the implementation of the program of learning to climb from A to Z.