Are you just starting your climbing adventure? Are you returning to climbing after an injury? Do you want to climb better? Do you need the right motivation? At the WOW Zerwa climbing wall we run climbing sections for adults at different levels of difficulty – from beginners to the most advanced. Our instructors will help you choose the right group for your skill level. During the classes you will learn correct and efficient belaying, learn climbing technique in detail, complete specific steps of the training plan. You will work on specific strength and endurance necessary for climbing. A maximum of 10 people train in groups, which allows the instructor to accurately correct the mistakes of his charges and individualize the exercises. All necessary climbing equipment is provided for all classes within the section.

The training lasts 2 clock hours and includes:

  • Warm-up, in which we perform general development exercises to strengthen fitness and individual muscle parts.
  • Climbing training, where we learn climbing technique and implement specific steps of the training plan.
  • Stretching, during which we improve our flexibility and relax muscles tense after training.

Which section is for you?

Climbing for breakfast

Mixed level, for anyone who likes to act in the morning.

Beginners +

People who can belay on a rod and know that they want to climb


People who can belay on a rod, and with a pit and embrace climbing at level V, VI.


Sections Adults 2022 / 2023